XKLradio is the sound of the brand. XKLradio is everytime DJ Pat play a song wither its at a party, event, or on the radio.  The show XKLradio has been broadcasting since 2006.  Recently, rebooted in 2010 on the Lab, after being cancelled for a year, XKLradio has been going strong playing the latest, hottest, xklusive music in hip-hop, R&B, and dub step. XKLradio is the moment you will hear, a unfamiliar song off the album, the unsung artists thats not on mainstream radio, but has a xklusive sound and its own fan base. XKLradio is also an opportunity for underground and local artists to be heard and records broken, hosted by DJ PAT Mr. Xklusive.

You can listen to the show XKLRadio on www.krui.fm (320k stream) every Wedsnedsay at 10p and Every Sunday night @ 12a Midnight on KRUI 89.7fm.

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