About DJ Pat


       When you hear the scream or shout of a female saying “that’s my song” or see a guy shacking his head to the beat. This briefly describes a reaction that feeds DJ Pat’s passion and goal to bring good music to people’s ear.  Often said in his radio tagline, “Only for your eardrums”, DJ Pat have been contributing to the music world with djing since the age of sixteen.

Patrick “DJ Pat” Shelton was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, in a Christian home.  Growing up, he found himself mostly stuck in the house taking care of his handicapped mother.  Over the years, he took piano lessons, violin, and saxophone. All four years in high school, he played the snare drum in the marching and concert band at Dunbar Vocational H.S. His junior, as part of the school vocational curriculum, he took radio broadcasting, where he earned the name “DJ Pat” from students in his class.  The first moment that pushed him to be an professional DJ, was the time him and his partner Ricky “Rick Dog” Robinson, hosted live at the city wide High School Fair at McCormick place in 2004.  After that day, Pat and Rick partnered to do almost any event they could, hosting basketball games, talent shows, fashion shows, weddings and neighborhood parties.

After high school, DJ Pat continues to DJ several events. In 2014, he graduated from University of Iowa with a B.A African American studies, and also member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. During college he maintained a five-year relationship with the University radio station, with his weekly show “XKLusive Radio” on Krui 89.7fm and the Internet station Krui The Lab on www.krui.fm.   Currently, Pat is Associate producer at WVON 1690am Chicago radio station, and also co-host a weekend radio show called “Loose Collars” with Co-host and journalist Dometi Pongo, 10am Saturday mornings on www.windycityunderground.com You can check out DJ Pat’s website www.xklradio.com, and follow on Twitter & Instagram: @djpatxkl, email: Djpatxkl@gmail.com patshelton88@gmail.com


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