Celebrating over 20 years of musical success, R&B Heartthrob Ginuwine takes Chicago down memory lane, continuing to win women’s hearts with his smooth vocals, good looks, and major hits.  Ginuwine performed two shows live at City Winery Chicago, on Black Wednesday spending Thanksgiving with his family and crew in Chicago.  Ginuwine sings to a full house of women with his two background singers, teasing the crowd with improv singing, covering R&B favorites featuring tribute to Michael Jackson, and performing several big hits including “So Anxious”, “Stingy”, “Differences”, and also featuring a super-ripped male dancer during “Pony”. Being that now the R&B legend is in his mid-40s, he physically declines from overt dancing, which he admitted to the audience. Also, sharing personal stories about his parents, brother, (who was in attendance) and apologizing to fans about recent social media nude photo controversy.  After the show, he had an exclusive VIP Meet & Greet, where fans took pictures and shared their moment with Ginuwine.  Check out glimpse of the concert in video above.

The event was produced by A2 Promotions, and their upcoming concert event features, R&B crooner “Jon B”. For more information about A2, please email and follow @awbside via Instagram/Twitter.